I Just Used Up My 25,000 Words for the Day!  
Once I went on a date with a guy that I had met through an acquaintance. I knew a person that he knew. I had seen him and talked with him during some social events we had both attended. These were church events. I saw him in church a lot and he was a respected career professional.

When he asked me where I would like to go, I suggested the ballet. I enjoy going to the ballet. He arranged to pick me up early the evening of our date because he had voluntered for a street-witnessing event and there was a pre-meeting for volunteers. The meeting was on the way to the theater where we were going. His volunteering to witness impressed me. Does that impress you? Keep reading.

He had a very nice vehicle. Leather interior, very clean. The vehicle looked like money with sun roof, impressive dash board. He handled his vehicle with skill.

We made the stop at the meeting he was to attend, I was over dressed, and then we proceeded to the theater. When we arrived at the theater, he picked up our tickets at the box office. He had purchased season tickets for two. I thought, "Not bad, a man that is not afraid to spend his money on a woman, impressive." He was on call at the hospital for the evening but assured me that the evening would most likely go undisturbed.

We entered the theater and he had purchased very good seats. We talked about the ballet, its story and the dancers. The ballet was delightful. I enjoyed seeing the dancers. It is such a lovely art form.

During intermission, as we were waiting for the curtain to go up, we followed along in the program to find out where the story was, and then I felt his finger stroking up and down on my arm ever so gently. At this time I came to attention. I thought, "What am I supposed to do with this?" Well it was only my arm, he is a friendly person, so I dimissed it as nothing.

Just as the curtain was being raised, for the next act, he leaned over to me and kissed me on the neck.

Now, the alarm started sounding. Ayuga, Ayuga!! Dive, dive! Okay, that's it. I was embarrassed. I didn't know if I should slap him and say, "You Cad!" or something. As much as I enjoy the ballet. I had all the ballet I could take for the evening. I just wanted to get this date over with.

On the drive home, I was asking him questions. I just kept talking. Then, he reached over to take my hand. I snatched my hand away and said to him, "Don't hold my hand." To which he replied, "Since you are going to ask me all these questions, can't I at least hold your hand?" I told him, "No, I need to concentrate on my questions." It took us about 20 minutes to get to my house. I talked the entire time. When it sounded like he was finishing an answer to one of my questions, I quickly posed another question. All the way home I did this. I didn't want him to have time to think on anything else. I arrived at my house only to have him spread out his arms as if he were expecting some type of reward? No reward for you buddy.

I still enjoy the ballet. However, the last time I went I went with my father. I was treated in a most excellent manner. (My Father God, that is.)


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