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I have noticed in recent years dating and "finding that special someone" has become big business. I notice signs around town for "singles." The signs I am referring to are for dating services. I signed up with three dating services this past week. No, make that four. It took me a while to fill out those in-depth questionnaires, but I did it. This article is a little of what I have discovered about this not so new phenomenon.

I enjoyed watching Fiddler On The Roof recently. There was an older lady in it called Yente. She was the matchmaker in the community. History has matchmakers throughout. There was Ruth's mother-in-law Naomi who matched Ruth with Boaz. Eliezer, Abraham's servant, found a wife for Isaac. God created a match for Adam, in the beginning. Now, what was once considered "fate" has become a multi-million dollar business of science? So it is stated.

First a bit of statistical information. People are attracted to one another for lots of reasons, of course, but numbers count, too. And while male/female ratios vary by place, nationwide the Census Bureau calculates overall, there are 120 men in their 20's who have never been married, widowed or divorced for every 100 women in the same category. That looks great for single women in their 20's.

The following table shows the approximate breakdown for different age groups: Note: Numbers in table are in thousands

Statistics for Ratio of Unmarried Adults
Age* # of Males* # of Females* Male to Female Ratio
120 - 100
110 - 100
100 - 100
80 - 100
60 - 100
40 - 100
30 - 100
20 - 100
* Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2006 Annual Social and Economic Supplement

As you can see, the older age groups have a reduced pool of single males. However, in the age groups that might engage the assistance of a dating service, there appear to be plenty males and females to go around.

Many online dating services charge a monthly fee to post your photo and an in-depth profile. Forbes reports this option is a mainstream phenomenon, with revenues totaling $214 million the first half of 2003, triple the amount spent in 2001.

There are several types of dating options. Following is a list of some.

  • Professional Matchmaking Services
  • Video Services
  • Online Internet Database Matching Services
  • Electronic/phone Communication Networks
  • Speed Dating
  • Newspaper Personals
  • Single Advertisements
  • Single Events

couple ondollar sign

Five of the top dating services are listed below: (Not the views of Christian Singles Unlimited)

  • Yahoo Personals
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • PerfectMatch
  • Chemistry

I believe that God is able to get a match for a person better than anyone or any service available. A good way to think of it is, as my pastor often says: The natural and the Supernatural coming together making an explosive force for God.

I recently finished reading the Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. In one part of the book he stated the following: "Finding a good deal, the right business, the right people...is just like dating. You must go to the market and talk to a lot of people, make a lot of offers, counteroffers, negotiate, reject and accept. I know single people who sit at home and wait for the phone to ring, but unless you're Cindy Crawford or Tom Cruise, I think you'd best go to the market, even if it's only the supermarket."

In other words, you will have to leave your house if you expect to meet someone. With that said, dating services are not equal to God. Don't turn your faith off.

What I have experienced so far:

I filled out several personal personality profiles (4 services). I answered questions ranging from what are my interests to what are the interests I would like in a match. I gave my age...reluctantly and the ages of the persons I would be interested in meeting. I gave my body type, which, in my own words, is excellent (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), number of children I have, education, income, college degree(s) etc. Chemist

I filled out a chemistry profile and got the results. According to my profile, I am a loving organized person who needs to lighten up a bit. (My words.)

At one of the sites, I was matched up with a plump fellow who was four inches shorter than me. I will have to go back and fix that on my profile.

Also this past week, I was interviewed by a representative of a professional matchmaking service. We met at a local restaurant. The price they were quoting was a bit steep, however, they have an 80 percent success rate of first dates leading to second dates. Nationally, there have been 12,000 marriages resulting from matches arranged by their organization.

After the interview, I was told by the interviewer they had no one in there database that would meet my criteria, so keep my money. (Again, my words.) I would not bend on the fact that my match would have to be charismatic or pentecostal. It is to be expected, I live in Oklahoma. This is the Bible belt. I know he is out there. He hasn't signed up with the dating service is all.

There is an element of the unknown online. Who are these people registered with these dating services? I don't know them. Can any good thing come from a dating service? Some say yes, others say not so much.

A friend of mine told me you get what you pay for. If the service is free, you may not get the responses you wish to get. On the other hand, the more you pay for the matchmaking service, the more the matches will be filtered. If for no other reason than that it may eliminate those who would sign up for a casual fling.

God is not intimidated by online dating services. His resources far surpass anything this earth can come up with. If you're signing up for these services, make sure to sign up for God's plan. He has been in the business of matchmaking for much longer.


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Dating Tip of the Week:

Be careful out there, and don't trade your Father God's commitment to your future in for a dating service's commitment to making more money.


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