Eating Utensils Not Required
But Highly Recommended.!
Once I was set up on a date with a guy. We were to meet for lunch at a mutually agreed upon restaurant. It was an exceptional Mexican restaurant in the area.

My stomach was in knots on the drive over and I prayed the entire way for strength to carry through with it. I arrived at the precise time and went into the restaurant. He had not arrived when I got there. So I waited...and waited. I didn't think I could have been stood up. Perhaps he wasn't that tardy after all, but it sure felt like it. At last he arrived. He was tall, still tan from the summer, nice looking. Hmmmm...not bad. My nerves started to settle, just a little.

We were seated in a booth and began to pour over the menu. He explained to me that he had been on a no-carb diet for a few months to loose weight. We talked a little about him, his career and me and my career. He decided to order the fajita's and explained that he would have to forego the tortillas, due to the carbs. I really didn't think anything more about it until our dinners were served.

After he prayed over the meal, I picked up my knife and fork to cut into the enchiladas I had ordered. I looked up from my meal and was quite startled to discover him with sauteed chicken strips in one hand and grilled vegetables in the other hand. When I think back on it, it was a funny sight.
Something out of a comedy show, maybe. Mind you, I realize that fajitas in and of themselves are finger food. However, if you are not going to use the tortillas, in my book they become utensil food. Apparently he had read a different book on etiquette. I continued with my precision cutting of the enchiladas as we talked. I was hoping that my example of food handling would be noted. It was not. He just leaned a little closer to the plate and continued shoveling the veggies in. That could be viewed as a good thing, he spilled less?

The piece de resistance was when he picked up a half cob of corn and reached it toward me. "Would you like this?" he asked. "I am not going to eat it." This calls for a pause, a moment of reflection. Okay, yes this was an acceptable finger food, however, not when handing off to someone else. "No thank you," I responded. "I'm full...stuffed...really!"

That was the only time I saw him. He wanted to go out again, but, I really do prefer men that are acquainted with the use of a knife & fork. God's Word teaches us to be grateful in all things and circumstances. I can definitely be grateful we didn't go to a Soup and Salad Bar!

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