An Evening Out With My Father.  
I was interested in going to the opera. I enjoy the ballet and the opera. I had 6 weeks before the performance night that I wanted to attend. What I was not interested in was going to the opera by myself. So, I asked my Father (God) if He would be so inclined to provide me with a suitable date for the evening. I was even willing to pay my own way, if necessary, since He had provided me with the funds to purchase my ticket. I gave my Father 2 weeks to pull this off. He is God. Since He knows my thoughts afar off, He probably had already planned on me meeting someone and going to the opera with him. I'm not willing to under estimate my Father.

I had my antenna up. So to speak. A week passed, no one asked me out, yet. A week and a day passed, still no one. NOTE My communication in quotation marks: "Father, need I remind you that in order to get good seats, we will need to buy early?" A week and 2 days passed, no one. "Father, allow me to say, you are cutting this a little bit close." A week and 3 days passed, no one. "If I could be of any assistance to you, Father, let me know, I have had my eye on a couple potentials." A week and 4 days passed, nada. I was beginning to get a little concerned.

So I shifted my thoughts, slightly. I started wondering if I had any friends that would like to buy their own ticket and go to an Italian opera with me at nearly $100.00 per ticket? As I went down the list of several pages of friends..., I didn't see one that I would be bold enough to ask if they would enjoy paying that much money on such short notice to attend an Italian opera, that is sung in Italian with subtitles. Back to my original plan. A week and 6 days and counting, nessuno (that's Italian for nobody.) I skipped a week and 5 days because that was the day my thoughts had shifted to friends.

A week and 7 days, not a soul. I couldn't wait any longer. The show was 4 weeks out, and I had to purchase my ticket. "However, Father, if you be so inclined, I'm sure we can revise the arrangements and ticket situation."

The title of this piece is "An Evening Out With My Father," so you probably knew before I did that I would be going to the opera without a date. I resolved the fact that a date was not forthcoming. I also knew that my Father delights to give me the kingdom. So if there would be no date for me, it was because it was not what He desired at the time. I like that. He always looks out for me. So I changed my thinking and decided that I would go out with my Father instead. I grew up without a Father in the house so I don't remember being "daddy's little girl." However, now I am.
To the theater with me!!!

I dressed up for the occasion in my best evening apparel. I conversed with my Father as we drove to the theater. I arrived at the theater looking rather alone. I knew that I was not alone and that my Father was present with me. I felt good about that. There were others there with their date or friends or family in some cases. I was not intimidated. I was with my Father. I was relaxed and content. My Father is very good to me. No matter how it looks, I cannot forget that.

I found my seat. Here is where it gets good. My seat was next to the aisle seat, in a good row. As the theater began filling up, I noticed that no one was seated in the 4 to 5 seats across the row directly in front of me in all of the 2 to 3 rows down. No one was seated in the 2 to 3 seats across the row in the rows behind me for a couple rows up. No one was seated next to me in the 4 to 5 seats to my left, and the aisle seat next to me was empty. If I had wanted to pretend I was with anyone, it was obvious that I wouldn't have been able to do that. I was as happy as I could be, though, because I was with my Father and His seat was the aisle seat next to me. I wouldn't let the enemy tell me any sad stories about being alone. I was not alone, I was with my Father. It did not matter to me if everyone in the theater looked at me and whispered, which of course they wouldn't have any reason to do that, but you know how the enemy plays with the mind. I was not embarrassed or ashamed because I was with someone, my Father.

Just as the intro for the play began, a young, good-looking man sat in the aisle seat next to me. Are you saying yeeaa for you? Not I. That bothered me, because I had already made that my Father's seat and this young man was now sitting in it. I told the Lord, "I don't need this, I am happy being here with you, I don't have to have someone in any seat around me." So, I didn't talk at all to this young man. I moved as far away from him in my seat as I could. There would be no mistake, I was not with this man. I was with my Father.

As the opera proceeded, which by the way was a comedy, I read the subtitles on the screen directly above the stage. At some parts that were funny, I laughed and at those same parts the young man next to me was laughing also. It was so pleasant to hear him next to me laughing. Need I say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself that evening. It was fun, this young man and I laughing together, even though we were not together. Who but a loving Father would think to do such a wonderful thing.

At the end of the opera, this young man paused a while to wait for me so that I could come out of the row ahead of him, if I was so inclined. I would not have that, because I believe in leaving with the same one you arrived. So he went on his way and my Father and I went on our way.

Dating Tip of the Week:

If you find yourself without a date, invite your Father (God) out, it may surprise you how much fun you will have.

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