I Get Misty Just Holding Your Hand.  
On my third date with a very exciting young man that I had wanted to date for some time, we went to Niagara Falls. It was about a half hour drive along Lake Erie. I lived in New York at the time. I got all girlied up, you know with make up, curled hair and a cutsie little outfit. I was engaging to say the least. He was about a foot taller than I and was wearing a casual button down short-sleeve shirt with shorts. He looked good.

The night was warm and breezy. It was a very clear midnight-blue sky. There were not too many lights until we arrived in Niagara Falls. The drive was somewhat quiet on the way out.

We weren't at the Falls more than 15 minutes until he wanted to move closer to the Falls.

I hesitated knowing that my "press and curl" hairdo would not withstand the abundant mist of the Falls. The evening was beautiful, the company was great, God is in His heaven, all is right with the world. That's right, we got closer to the mist of the Falls. And, yes, my hair drew closer to my head.

It was quite funny. By the time we left, I literally had an afro; all the curls were gone and my make up was running down my face.

I kept mentioning my hair and he acted as if nothing was wrong with it, but it was horrible. It looked like a muppet.

When I got home that evening, I thought it was the most wonderful time I had in a while and thought it would last forever.

I also thought that our dating days were surely over since he had seen the real me. BUT, thank the Lord, love blinded the poor guy and he asked me out again. We dated for a while until I moved away to follow the leading of the Lord for my life.

He was a gem. I still have a press and curl - I just stay away from the Falls.

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