Perhaps We Can Make It To The NEXT Football Game.  
When I was 16 years old, very soon after I got my driver's license, I borrowed my dad's car and went on a double date. I had cleaned the car to the point of near spotless. I was, to be as modest as possible, looking good. I picked up my buddy and we proceeded to pick up our dates. Two very popular girls in our school. They were cheerleaders and they were cheerleading chaperones for the midget league football team's cheerleaders. We were going to go to a midget league football game for this date. We had to travel to the neighboring town which was about 15 miles away. We were running behind to get to the game in time. I got a bright idea to take a short cut, which I had not taken before. But, I knew it was a short cut because it was going through a mountain on a dirt road to the neighboring town. Since we were in such a hurry, I drove faster than I should have and the car was fishtailing in the curves of the dirt road. A more experienced driver would have noticed the difference in the road surface and would have adjusted his driving speed accordingly. I was rushing because we were already running late. With my heart set on getting our dates to the game, I continued to exceed a sensible speed. The vocal expressions of my friends having fun egged me on as I was fishtailing in the curves. Perhaps doing one fishtail too many, I lost control on a curve. The car plunged into a dirt embankment and did some noticeable damage to the car. Everyone was fine. However, the fender, the front grill, and the door took some damage.

As a result of the accident, the motor mount had broken. So, when I tried to crank up the car, the fan on the engine would scrape against the fan guard and make a very loud clanking noise.
In an effort to remedy this problem, we found a full can of soda pop in the trunk of the car. We positioned the can in a place to prevent the fan from scraping the fan guard. This eliminated the noise. However, it seemed that after every ten minutes or so of driving the can would dislodge and the fan would start scraping against the fan guard and immediately resume the loud clanking noise. I would quickly get out of the car and re-position the can. Over and over it went. Me scurrying out of the car, I would mount the can, I would get back in the car, drive a little ways and the can dislodged, the loud noise starting up again, then me out of the car, me re-positioning the can, me in the car, drive another 10 minutes, can dislodge, noise start up, me hurrying out of the car, me repositioning the can, me in the car. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. It was a very humiliating time in that I was not impressing my date.

To top off the evening, we didn't make it in time for the football game. The game was over when we arrived.

Once we found a smoother road the dislodging of the can didn't happen as often. We ended up having a great time after all. We laughed a lot. Throughout the evening though, there was a gnawing dread of facing my dad the next day. As a result of that I hardly slept the entire night after I arrived home.
My dad had me work to get money to pay for the repairs to the car. I felt better after that.

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