His Idea of the Start of A Good Relationship. Her Idea of the Start of A Good Relationship.
Submitted by: ARP

I would be pleased if when I arrive to pick her up she is ready. I like to be on time.

If it is a blind date, it would be great if she actually looks the way she has described herself. It sets the mood for the entire evening.

I am the type to open doors for a lady. I would like it if she would allow me to do that for her.

I do not like a bickerer. I also would not like to engage in conversation about past relationships.

I would prefer it if an ex-boy friend didn't show up.

The atmosphere should be relaxed (keep it light)

I do not care to see bad teeth caused by a lack of attention. Good hygiene is a must.

No cell phones allowed.

Because I am an introvert I would like that person to have that balancing affect. (A little more talkative than I.)

I would like her to be someone with the same interest.

I like to find something uniquely attractive about that person. A cute quirk of an individual like the way she smiles, flips her hair or twinkles her nose when laughing.

I would want her to have her own life. She should not be a groper.

On the first date, if I am interested, I would be looking for typical clues to get an idea how she feels about me. Does she lean toward me instead of away from me.

Having a good dinner and good conversation with a feeling of being old time friends.

Movies are not as good for getting to know how a person is since you don't have much time to get acquainted.

It's good to go out first with a good group because of less pressure for conversation and one on one.

Then, lunch, the zoo or dinner. All the time getting to know the other. Giving us more conversation subjects.

Thank you for your submission ARP.

Submitted by: MBM

He arrives on time but is understanding of my not being ready. If he is late, however, it may work out just right, since I am usually not ready on time for dates.

If he has flowers, that would be most impressive, however not required. If the weather is cool, I would want him to help me with my wrap/coat. Not that I couldn't handle it myself, it would show me that he is paying attention to ME.

I would be very impressed with him if he opens the door for me. Both the house and the car/vehicle.

WOW!! I'm liking this guy already. Oops, got carried away there for a moment.

As we ride along, I would like to find out more about this guy so conversation is important. I don't want to be left with the impression that I have to entertain him.

If we are going to a restaurant, I like a guy that takes responsibility for getting us seated and serviced. I have found most guys are good at this.

I don't believe that anyone is perfect, but I would like the date to have good table manners.

Now comes the interesting part. Why are we here? He has obviously asked me out for a reason. I accepted for a reason.

I accepted the invitation to see if a closer friendship is possible.

So, I am looking to see how well we get along and what interests we have in common.

You may ask if I have gone out with someone that I was interested in but who was not interested in me. Yes, I have, bummer. But, it worked out for my good in the long run.

If food is good and conversation is great and both of us are seemingly feeling that we have just had the most refreshing fellowship, this could work out.

I like spontaniety in a guy. If, after we have eaten, he has a suggestion that we take a walk in a crowded, yet quaint, mall together and look in specialty store windows or something, I would like it.

Arriving back at home. I would expect to be walked to my door. Such a gallant man. I don't believe it is good to kiss on the first date. That has a way of clouding the issue of getting to know the other person better. There are too many date potentials out there to kiss every one, even if I enjoyed their company.

He has to feel that I am worth the attention he has given me. I would like to get to know this guy better.

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