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What can be accomplished by going to the movies?

A movie is non-committal. Movies are a casual scene. If you arrive with a date, you will leave with a date. If it is a good movie, you will have something to talk about afterward. If it is a comedy, you will have some healthy laughter.

If you define a date as a "social appointment", then a movie will fit the bill. You can go to the movies with anyone. However, going in groups has its benefits. There is no pressure on a person to come up with conversation because everyone there will have something to say while you wait for the movie to begin.

If you are interested in finding out about a person, you can always invite several people to the movies, and include the person you are curious about. No commitment.

For those who like being more active, bowling is a fun date. If a person is very competitive, you could possibly find that out. Also, bowling is a good group activity.

Sporting Events
Attending a college or professional sporting event is a good date. Such as, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, etc. If you know someone on the sports team, it could be even better. Being a fan of one of the teams gives you something to do while you are there. That something would be to...HOLLER!

The performing arts are a good dating event, if you are into that (stage performances, musicals, concerts, ballet, opera) A little more expensive, but well worth it. You may want to invite someone and go Dutch. You get to attend a fine performance and enjoy another's company.


For those who love the outdoors, this one will get your blood pumping. If that is an interest of yours, check in your area for places to hike. Thare may be places that are open to the public for hiking. Nature preserves are sometimes good for hiking. An hour hike does a body good. And hiking allows you to see nature and have discussion.

Museum/Art Gallery

Art Museums and Historic places are great places to go on a date. There is room for conversation and discussion. If you go on the tour, you can learn many things. Later, you will have something to talk about. These places are not very expensive.

Horseback Riding

Depending on your skill level, this is a great date. Some places have very gentle horses that follow a trail and require minimal guidance. What you would have to do is sit and enjoy the horse carrying you from the starting point to the finishing point.


That is correct. Fishing is a good date. It is an early morning event, but it is great! Fishing can be a peaceful and calming event.

Not a lot of conversation, but it is being in nature and getting a little water on you. The early morning fresh air and slowed pace leads to a good time. Hopefully, one of you has no problem baiting the hook. Make sure you have your fishing license.


Not much needs to be said about dining. There are restaurants most everywhere that would serve up a fine dish to satisfy your appetite. If you want to add something a little different, take a walk after dinner. Perhaps the mall or some safe park.


Dating Tip of the Week:

No need to hurry to get into a serious relationship. So, take your time and enjoy.

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